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Auto Pool Covers by Cover Pools

Auto Cover in Winter

Enjoy the priceless peace of mind with an automatic pool cover!

Cover Pools automatic pool cover opens and closes with the turn of a key. It exceeds ASTM safety standards- it can support the weight of several people at once. These covers can be installed on any shape of pool. And the benefits are numerous... Drawn images of pool cover track

Benefits of a Cover Pools Pool Cover

Solar Cover- Adds approximately 10 degrees to the pool water when the sun is shining on the surface of the cover.

Keeps pools clean- Dirt, leaves, sand, and debris fall on top of cover and not into pool water.

Money and Energy Savings:

  • Heat savings - By sealing the pool off and completely eliminating evaporation when the pool is not in use. On heated pools, it reduces heat costs approximately 70%. On non-heated pools, it keeps the heat gain from the day sealed into the pool at night.
  • Chemical Savings - Substantially reduces chemical usage by sealing the pool off and completely eliminating evaporation when the pool is not in use.
  • Humidity Control - By reducing evaporation, it can replace the need for expensive dehumidification systems on indoor pools. The only time the cover needs to be off is when they are actually swimming.
  • Extends swimming season - By keeping the pool heated longer and for less money, the pool season can be greatly extended without incurring additional expense.
  • Fencing alternative - In many areas, covers can be used in lieu of various types of unsightly fencing that may otherwise be required. Even if this is not the case in your area, you can apply for a variance, which, in many cases, is granted for the use of our covers.
  • Convenience - Cover can open and retract from the pool in less than a minute by simply turning a key with our motorized version, or walking down the side of the pool with our manual version. The more any cover is on the pool the higher the benefits it offers will be. Cover Pool covers offer an extensive array of benefits with the convenience factor that insures the cover will be used.
Auto Cover Recessed Powder Coat Auto Cover Recessed Powder Coat

San Juan Pools of Colorado does not recommend the SAVE-T-COVER as a winter cover because of the following reasons: Auto Covers must have some support under them, normally they rest on the water. During winter, water is lowered in pool and often water level gets too low for cover to rest on. Colorado snows can be very wet and heavy, putting undue stress and weight to the point it could tear canvas out of track. If you have tile on your pool, the water needs to be lowered to 6" to 8" below the tile during winter months. If water level is higher to support cover and freezes on tile, it will pull the tile off.

San Juan Pools of Colorado recommends an Anchor Mesh cover or some other winter cover for winter months. The mesh cover looks like a trampoline; it is anchored into the deck with grommets and screws (the screws lay flush in deck in the summer). This cover allows snow to melt through it while debris stays on top.