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Included Equipment

San Juan Pools of Colorado includes the basic equipment set- pump, filter and heater, with your pool or spa purchase.

Pentair Pool Equipment

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Equipment SetupHere at San Juan Pools of Colorado we do all our plumbing in 2", Schedule 20 PVC pipe. We put unions on all the equipment for ease of maintenance and directional valves are also included.

This photo shows a chlorine generator turbo cell with a zinc anode (an optional upgrade). There is a panel on the wall for the controller to convert the pool into a salt pool.

WhisperFlo PumpWhisperFlo® High Performance Pumps

WhisperFlo® delivers maximum circulation eficiency at the lowest operating cost and long, trouble-free life with minimal maintenance. Pentairs hydraulic design has been refined over 40 years for superior performance.


Clean & Clear Plus FilterClean & Clear® Plus Cartridge Filter - Pools Only

Clean & Clear® Plus Filters have a corrosion resistant injection molded filter tank featuring superior strength and reliability. The cartridge assembly uses four easy to clean, non-woven, polyester cartridges. Each filter is supplied with a bulkhead union set for easy installation.


MasterTemp HeaterMasterTemp® High Performance Heater

MasterTemp® Heaters offer all the efficiency, convenience and reliability features you want in a pool heater, plus a lot more. As easy to use as your home heating system, plus, user-friendly indicator lights make system operation and monitoring a snap. The compact design and super quiet operation won't intrude on your poolside leisure time.


Clean & Clear FilterClean & Clear® Cartridge Filter - Spas Only

The Clean & Clear® cartridge filter combines top-end filter performance with low maintenance. This dependable design uses special filter elements to strip tiny particles from your pool water - particles as small as 30 microns. (An average grain of beach sand is 1,000 microns!) And cleaning is a breeze. Open the top, remove the cartridge, hose it off, and Clean & Clear is ready to go again.


Amerlite Underwater LightsAmerlite® Underwater Lights

Amerlite® incandescent lights have been the world standard of reliability for underwater pool and spa lighting for decades. In fact, tonight they will light more than 3 million pools around the world.



We use top of the line equipment- Pentair Whisperflo pumps, Pentair Clean and Clear cartridge filters, and Pentair or RayPak heaters. This equipment will be sized according to the pool you choose to assure maximum efficiency. San Juan Pools of Colorado retains the right to substitute with another piece of comparable quality, if one of the above is unavailable at the time of installation. We will also accommodate most requests for substitutions if desired.